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If you Practise Kaya Kalpa Yoga
Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi

The inevitable phenomenon of ageing (growing old) and the infirmities
and disabilities associated with it have been engaging the attention of Medical
Scientists for centuries; and in a different manner, the attention of philosophers
too. We have taken up the subject for today’s talk and the analysis, as usual in our
classes, shall be on systematic and scientific lines.
The Physical body is where the imprint of Ageing is most marked. The
functioning system called the human being actually comprises (1) the physical
body; (2) the mind; (3) the life-force and (4) the sexual vital fluid. These four are
interrelated, as I shall proceed to explain.

The concrete part of the body is made up of millions of cells, all these cells
being held together by polar attraction. The cells are of different categories –
there are flesh–cells, blood–cells, marrow–cells, bone-cells and so on. Every cell
is a laboratory by itself – a complete structure with its own magnetic, electrical
and chemical functions. Each cell draws just what it needs from the running
system and it eliminates what it no longer requires. Every cell could be likened to
a mini-city, with its own infrastructure of service-connections, recycling plants
and effluent-network. The cells, as I said, are held together by polar attraction
and that is how the body stays in one piece. If this polar attraction were to
disappear, what would happen? The cells would no longer be held together and
so the body would begin to disintegrate, to fall apart.

It would now be clear to you all that if this polar attraction is to be
maintained, some force, some power, is necessary. That is the bio-current or the
human magnetism. To find out what is this human magnetism, let us consider the
life-force. Every particle of the life-force is infinitesimally tiny and it has a selfrotative

force. On account of this self-rotative force, every particle radiates a

spreading wave which is intensified in the whole body. The surplus of this wave
is released through the skin and the sense-organs-ears, eyes, nose and tongueafter
being converted into pressure, sound, light, smell and taste. The charged
wave of the life-force is called the bio-current or the human magnetism. Only the
intensity of the bio-current in the force of its circulation in the body maintains
the polar attraction between cells and prevents disintegration of the body.
It is evident that the strength of this magnetic force should be adequate, in
proportion to the number of the cells in the body-the weight of the cells. If it
becomes less, the bio-current would also be diminished to that extent and its
would not be equal to the task of maintaining all the functions of the body.
Role of Bio-current
A major portion of the bio-current is taken up by the physical body for the
purpose of maintaining the metabolic routine – digestion, elimination of waste –
products, transporting nutrients to where they are needed and transforming
food into juice, juice into blood, blood into flesh, flesh into bone, bone into
marrow and marrow into sexual vital fluid. In this manner, continuous
conversion and manufacture are going on within the body. This is the metabolic
routine. All this cannot be done unless there is sufficient intensity in the biocurrent.

This intensity giving pressure to the bio-current is called the human

The pressure in the force of its conversion becomes heat and this is how
the temperature of the body is maintained. Again, it is this pressure that works
for the manufacture of chemicals, amino-acids and so on required for the upkeep
of the body. So much for the metabolic routine.
A portion of the spreading wave of the life-force goes to the brain-cells
where those cells condition the wave into mental frequency. To feel, understand,
compare and calculate and imprint and reflect the experiences and enjoyment –
all these are done only by the mental force, the mental frequency.

To repeat, one portion of the bio-current which is charged by the life-force
intensified in the body is taken up for the metabolic routine and the remaining
portion is availed of by the brain-cells conditioning the mental frequency.
If, for some reason, the intensity of the bio-current becomes less, it may
just be adequate for the maintenance of the metabolic routine. The result is
short-supply for mental frequency. Your level of alertness comes down, your
eyelids become heavy and you doze off. During sleep no supply is required for
the mental functions. Metobolic routine routine – breathing, digestion and blood
– circulation – alone is going on and the intensity of the bio-current picks up
gradually. When surplus becomes available for mental functions, there is
automatic reconnection and the mind resumes functioning.

Value of Sexual Vital Fluid
When the intensity of the bio-current is diminished to such an extent that
it is not adequate for physical functions even, the inter-cell polar action slows
down. If the short-circuit lasts for only a short time, that experience is pain; and
longer duration means disease. When the bio-current is wholly exhausted that
point signifies death.

Now you have come to understand the value of the bio-current. Needless
to say, if the bio-current is to be increased or intensified, the number or the
quantity of the life-force particles should be stepped up. What is it that retains
these life-force particles in the body? It is only the sexual vital fluid. The sexual
vital fluid is in the nature of battery for the bio-current. What is the quantity and
quality of the sexual vital fluid, that much will be the strength and character of the
life-force and the bio-current.

Against this background consider what will happen if the sexual vital fluid
gets reduced in quantity. The life-force becomes correspondingly less and the
bio-current is also depleted. The cells are not able to get supply and so the
machinery slows down to start with and breaks down in the course. Thus, in
order to maintain the bio-current, adequate life-force particles are necessary;
and in order to hold the life-force, the sexual vital should be sufficient. To sum up,

in order to maintain the health of the body and the mind, the sexual vital fluid
should be adequate in quantity and also quality.
At this point, let me correct a wrong notion that is quite widespread.
Most people think that the sexual vital fluid comes into being only after a person
attains maturity. Actually, the sexual vital fluid is present even in a child. The
opening stock has come from its parents and it is being steadily added to. When
there is surplus in stock and this surplus is to be eliminated from the body, then
only the symptoms of maturity become manifest.
Having understood the origin of the sexual vital fluid and its value for
maintaining the health of our body and the mind, let us now proceed to find out
the reasons for Ageing. Listen diligently, for the science of the subject is being
unfolded in the world for the first time.

Effect of Earth’s Rotation
This planet Earth, on which we all happen to live and move and have our
being, rotates on the axis once during every 24 hours; and this rotation makes
the Sun appear to move across the sky from East to West determining day and
night for us. Because of this rotation the heavier elements such as the metals are
drawn towards the middle of the Earth. Granite and basalt from the base of
continents and ocean-basins. Water which is lighter stands on top of this solid
base. Air which is lighter than water is outside of this and that is the Earth’s
atmosphere held to the Earth by gravity. Visualise this arrangement, for it is
germane to the theory I am going to develop.

Man is on the Earth and he is not exempt from the operation of Nature’s
laws arising out of the rotation of the Earth. In our body there are five layers viz.,
solid, liquid, heat, air and energy, each of which is lighter than the previous one.
Blood (liquid) is lighter than the concrete cells of the solid body, heat is lighter
than blood, air is lighter than heat and energy is the lightest of the five. Because
of the rotation of the Earth all these five layers are also in constant movement at
differing speeds or velocities. Life-force (energy) moves faster than air, which
moves faster than blood. The movement of the solid cells is slower than that of

blood. The solid cells are attracted towards the Earth because of gravity while the
outermost layer viz., life-force is being constantly and continuously drawn away
from the body due to the natural centrifugal force. It is almost like a wedge being
driven between the body and the life-force, the cleavage becoming wider with
every passing day.

All species on the Earth are operating only under this arrangement. Some
decades back, when I observed vegetation around my ashram after a heavy
downpour on the previous day, I began to wonder why some weeds grow only to
a height of a few centimetres while other plants could grow up to some feet.
Certain trees rise up to 60 fest even and there is a limit for each species. Then it
struck me that each species is having a velocity of its own countering the pull of
gravity, so to say. A balance or dynamic equilibrium is set at a point and Nature,
in effect says. “Thus far and no further.”
In man the velocity carries his head up to a height of about six feet from his
base. The potential for this growth is packed or compressed in child and that is
why the child has so much stamina to wave its tiny little hands and feet-an
exercised that would tire a grown-up within minutes! It is because of this velocity
that growth is more during the early years of man when Nature says; “Up up!” By
the age of 30 or 35 the growth grinds to a halt and thereafter the life-force is only
being taken away, much in the manner of soil being eroded by a stream. It is at
this point that Ageing starts.

Ageing signifies that the stock of your life-force is being reduced because
the secretion of the sexual vital fluid is coming down. The intensity of the biocurrent
which, as we already saw, is only the charged wave of the life-force, is
being reduced as a consequence of the sexual vital fluid going down. This is the
background to the phenomenon of Ageing. Two factors are at work here: (1) The
cells of the body are being drawn or pulled down towards the Earth; and (2) the
life-energy is being drawn away from the body with every passing day.
Victory for Mankind

Having identified the factors that cause Ageing, what should you do to
withstand it? You should find out ways and means (1) to tone up your nerves and
reverse their sagging, and (2) to conserve your sexual vital fluid which is the
container for the life-force.

The KAYA KALPA YOGA which I was able to perfect about three back is the
only means to withstand the Ageing process. Through a simple exercise we are
enabled to tone up our nerves and recycle the sexual vital fluid.
The sexual vital fluid actually has its origin in the brain-cells from where it
comes down the spinal column to accumulate in the sexual gland. When there is a
surplus there, gravity draws it towards the Earth and hence the tendency to
leakage, giving rise to the sexual instinct and urge. If this process is to be
reversed the essence or the sublimate of the sexual vital fluid has to be taken
back and stored at the place of origin viz., the brain. When this exercise is
mastered, the outgo of the fluid is gradually reduced and the craving is no longer
there. Potency is preserved and thoughts do not stray in the direction of
indulgence. Actually, a primitive weakness that was being handed down from
generation to generation has been overcome. Is this not a great victory for

Before I conclude, let me elucidate another point. Modern Medicine is still
not able to determine the exact moment of death Cessation of breathing, pulse,
heart-beat-all these, it is agreed, are not conclusive proof of death. Then how are
we to certify that life has become extinct in a person? I will tell you: Only when the
sexual vital fluid stands completely excreted does Death come to an individual. For
then, there is no container to hold the life-force. The battery having been
wrecked, where is the question of current?

Conversely, Death cannot claim a person as long as he or she is able to
conserve the sexual vital fluid. In the normal course, anyone who adopts the
science of KAYA KALPA and so orders one’s life as to be peaceful and useful to
self and others should be able to live up to 100 years and even 20 years beyond

that, depending on how early in life the aspirant has come to the path of this
precious Yoga...
(Lecture in Los Angeles, 1982)

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